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  • "No Banana" Banana Pudding

    A non-traditional version of our simple, down home, banana pudding with a twist - "No Bananas". Layers of vanilla wafer cookies and banana custard topped with a vanilla wafer crumb topping. We offer three sizes - individual, small and medium.

  • "No Banana" Banana Pudding Cake

    Four layers of delicious banana flavored cake, with creamy banana mouse filling, topped with vanilla whipped cream frosting and vanilla wafers. Comes in 6" and 8" sizes. (Does NOT contain fruit). (For larger sizes, contact us for price.)

    No Banana Banana Pudding Cake Sizes:
  • "Not Your Mother's" Banana Pudding

    Layers of vanilla wafer cookies, bananas and a smooth, creamy banana custard topped with more vanilla wafer crumbs. We offer three sizes - Individual, Small and Medium

  • Banana Pudding Cups

    Vanilla wafer cookies, smooth and creamy banana custard, with or without fresh bananas, in convenient 5-oz. cups. Your order comes with 1 dozen 5-oz. cups.

  • Banana Pudding Layer Cake

    Four layers of delicious banana flavored cake, filled with creamy banana mouse and caramelized bananas, covered with a delicious vanilla whipped mousse frosting, topped with caramelized bananas, toasted coconut, and vanilla wafers. Comes in 6" and 8" sizes. (For larger sizes, contact us for price.)

    Banana Pudding Cake Sizes:
  • Berries 'N' Curd Layer Cake

    Four layers of white cake filled with a layer of lemon curd, and a layer of raspberries and blackberries encased in fresh whipped cream. Topped with vanilla buttercream frosting and fresh glazed fruit.

  • Blaque & Red Velvet Pound Cake

    Chocolaty red cake covered in a smooth, rich chocolate buttercream ganache frosting and white chocolate drizzle. A bit non-traditional, but Oh So Good!!! Regular 18-20 svgs.

  • Blaque & Whyte Kupkakes

    Rich chocolate cake with Vanilla buttercream frosting.

  • Blaque & Whyte Layer Cake

    Four layers of rich chocolate cake, chocolate and vanilla buttercream filling, vanilla buttercream frosting, and a chocolate ganache drip

  • Blue Velvet KupKakes

    Blue vanilla-butter kupkakes with a Princess Butter Cream frosting.