Dessert Pick Up & Release Waiver
​DivaLicious Desserts, hereinafter "DLD" will not be responsible for your Cake/Dessert Item once it leaves our location.   We also will not replace or offer a refund for damaged Cakes/Dessert Items once the Item leaves our location.

If you plan to pick up your Cake, please adhere to these IMPORTANT TIPS:

Bring an enclosed, air-conditioned vehicle with a flat/level surface to set the cake on. (Seats and laps are not level!) A minivan, SUV, station wagon or hatchback are best.

CLEAR vehicle space of loose objects that could fall onto or roll into the Dessert.

Keep cake as cold as possible during transport, and away from sunlight.

Drive carefully. Turns, stops and starts should be performed in an EXAGGERATEDLY SLOW manner. Avoid bumps, jiggling, hills, and use a very slow speed on curves.

Visualize that you are driving with an open bucket of water or bleach, and you must not slosh or spill it whatsoever!   If necessary, allow other drivers to go around you!

Any cake not delivered by DLD prior to your event will require immediate refrigeration unless specifically directed otherwise by DLD .  Be aware that long periods at room temperature may weaken the structure of the cake and risks damaging the quality and overall stability of the cake.  We also do not recommend extended periods of non-refrigeration, especially in warmer weather, as this can increase the possibility of food borne illness.

I understand the risk involved in transporting my own cake, and agree to take full responsibility for any damage that occurs once the cake leaves DivaLicious Desserts.