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Banana Pudding Kups
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DivaLicious Desserts was borne out of a passion for baking and an idea from a dear friend to have a dessert party!! 

For several years I would entertain friends and family on New Year's Day with a dinner at my home.  However, due to a change in my economic situation, I knew that I would not be able to have my dinner for New Year's Day 2010, and wondered what else I could do.  I mentioned this to a friend who suggested I have a Dessert Party instead.  I was apprehensive at first because I had never heard of such a party, and didn't know if people would even come.  I presented the idea to a few friends as well as a few family members.  The response was a unanimous "YES"!! I created 13 different desserts with 30 guests in attendance.  My guests enjoyed each dessert immensely, and some even stated, I'm just waiting for you to open up your bakery!  Although I was not interested in opening a bakery, but needing extra money, I started praying, "Lord, I need a way to make some extra money without having to work overtime."  His response to me was, "if you bake your stuff, people will buy it!"  Our DivaLicious Desserts' website officially went live on February 16, 2010, and the rest, as they say, is history.

At DivaLicious Desserts, we create our decadent desserts for all occasions.  All items are baked fresh and "made-to-order."  We cater our desserts for Corporate and Individual Events.  Contact us, via phone or email, for a consultation to discuss your detailed dessert needs.  

Thank You For Trusting Us With Your Business!!

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